act as if you would be in a game!
mission statement
for emotionally charged methodology and playful epistemology
The ludic society exists to provoke an artistic
research discipline
best to be addressed as
ludic studies

The goal is to provide a playful theoretical starting point of a methodology around the act of play as a state of transformation. Finally
games as laboratory situations
quit the experimental system into
real games by real players
. The main argument is the nascence of an experience based emotionally charged reflexion by playing through game systems, to all intents and purposes the il-ludere of illusion in the ludic-society.
Its contributors enforce experiments in game cultures by focusing on the concept of flow in playful situations. As an international association of game practitioners it meets the needs of scholars and artists. It offers unequal opportunities to
evolve a new epistemic object around game and play
as sustained practice in glitching forms of contemporary lifeworld (Lebenswelt).

The society empowers a variety of arts research projects by its constitution of international and interdisciplinary members. The research practices developed hereby are all oriented on the practices of game cultures. The culture industry propaganda of consumer games lulls players into accepting ideological conditions. Therefore a
typology of conversions
of games is in the line of development of the society.