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gameZfestival - play the mechanics! (2013)
gameZfestival ist das Festival in Zürich für die Mechaniker der Spiele und ihre Kultur. Obwohl Spiele meist nur als visuelle Medien verkauft werden, geht es bei uns in erster Linie um Regeln und Systeme. Deshalb dreht sich das erste gameZfestival mit zahlreichen Talks und einem Spielsalon (Ausstellung) um den eigentlichen Kern der Spiele: Regeln, Regelkreisläufe oder kürzer: Gamemechaniken. cover 6
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Objects of Desire city Wifi-Sniff (2008)
“(Ludics) tantalisingly offers a new approach to understanding play through the process of play itself. Here we find play used as a conceptual catalyst for theoretical thought. In drawing on the ‘pataphysical, it presents a parody of scientific and philosophical conceptions, or a science of emerging solutions, that functions as playfulness itself.” (Westecott/Jahn-Sudmann) cover 5
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3rd Life playsure! Its focus is a playfull 3rd life, according to J.L. Borges "Orbis Tertius" and Sir Karl Poppers "World3". "Play sure", as a motto of the ludic player in 2nd world game systems, uses World 3 conjectures or theories as instruments of change. The Popperian cosmology appears as very spartan juxtaposition to the idea of Second Life.
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tagged city play (2007)
The Xtra issues topic is Real Players in Real Cities: a “Real Play” is played in 1st Life, the Reality Engine! A Real Play is designed in this best game engine available. Such a play constitutes as contingency game concept. It appears as classifiable in the genre of computer games, although rendered in the full city reality.
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play new level (2006)
Similar to a ´pataphysical bike, ludics is a levitation model for a thinking machine, providing the salvation, that is embedded in the danger and joy of in-game technologies. Behind the books of physics and science, the methods and practices of ´pataphysika and pata-science fiction vanquish the physics of the rules of play.
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mission playground (2005)
The ludic society magazine issue#1, 2005, is devoted to the phenomenon of new bachelor machines, nouvelles machines célibataires.

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