QR-Nymphae // Game Fashion 2.0, QUICK-READ-Code Camouflage Collection // The Naked City – voyeur surveillance!


//By reading the patterns with a mobile phone, underlying naked skin comes to the fore! Instead of being “dis-plays” on inaccessible AR-goggles, displayed on gadgets of everyday life, on the handy screen of a mobile phone. (see SM-Standard Model gadgetry as defined by RoYa, LS mag, issue 5, 2008)

These Game Fashion series introduce a semacode-fashion-pattern as urban dress code 2008/09, to trickster mobile phone and surveillance cameras. All apparel is printed on silk and linen. The collection will feature high quality designs for everyday survival.


//How does it work: If a player takes an image of a pattern-design of the fabic with a mobile pone camera, each pattern is replaced by an image. The fabric becomes transparent and shows underlying information. In the case of the dress, this appears to be the skin of Boticelli’s Venus. This moving “Nymphae” serves as leading icon of an image in motion, as “Pathosformel” (Aby Warburg 1929) of mobile games (Ludic Society 2008).

By reading the patterns with a mobile phone, underlying naked skin comes to the fore on the mobile phone display.

QR-garments can be worn as modern camouflage battle dress. Similar to El Sub Commandante Marco's hat, by wearing this piece of clothing, everybody can become the Nympha in Motion and create a fake identity. One can imagine, that omnipresent CCTV-cams could equally read the “dress-code” as bloggers taking images with their iphone.

Ludic Theory

Ludic Pattern Software (under development)

//Future features: Taken images upload to Web 2.0, create an artificial character by actions in real life. Surveillance cameras in public space can capture the pattern, and read an involuntary profile of the player. Each reading is uploaded to a Web 2.0 account and generates an avatar from a 1st life game – gentlemen, start your character/player hunt! Software-Download for mobile phones (coming) on the semacode-dress Blog: http://www.ludic.priv.at/QR-Dress


Semacode/Shotcode Locations on body to Replace

Credits: QR-Dress (2008), featured by the Ludic Society, www.ludic-society.net // model: Marguerite Charmante, development: under development, photos: imonym.com // C-code: under dev // compiled under N93 / google phone, c++

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