Objects of Desire
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Desires of "Objects of Desire" guide a Neo-Situationist's walk through an invisible city of electromagnetic waves. The play-map constitutes of real names of Wireless Access Points, found during a "WIFI-Sniff" through the city of Gijon. Names of actual urban WIFI zones are tagged like street-names in the exhibition space while aether waves with the same subjective names are also superimposed on the arts space, as play ground.

An SM (Standard Model) game console serves as portable Wunder-Toy to indicate the electromagnetic waves of networks, as well as waves emitted by tagged objects. Acquiring this game console, players start a Derive aiming to track these tagged objects that wish to be moved home. The objects contain stories, desires and obsessions. Follow the object's desire, read Situation(ist) quotes, apply New Babylon instructions! Probably you will jump parcour-like over exhibition walls... Or proclaim a Detournement LS SM Sniff manifesto!

The locative game was implemented by the LS-members Marguerite Charmante/la1n/fleshgordo/Imonym as commissioned work for the Homo Ludens Ludens show at Laboral Centro Artes y Creation Industrial Gijon, 2008.



The Home of EACH object depends on its RFID-number. We render a LOCATION (the three number groups of the RFID-number are transferred to a Longitude and Latitude value of a location in Gijon.

The location is transferred to the map, which is superimposed over the exhibition). By this constraint the software defines, where the player has to bring each object - for example: the object says, if read: ->Bring me to my NaturalBornHome "Uniovi Wifi"

GAMEZONE-PLAYMAP A patasituationist walk with self etched Toy-console devices leads the player through the play map in the real world. In the white cube/exhibition only WIFI-names are installed instead of street names. YES, it's a real kabala game- but that's how the LS loves it....

"An object ... is to provide a method of secret communication which is relatively simple and reliable in operation, but at the same time is difficult to discover."

Hedy Kiesler and George Antheil, US Patent Application June 10, 1941, Serial No. 397,4126.

The objects contain stories, desires, obsessions. They desire to be moved by subjects. As subject to be moved, they unfold public space as perceived, conceived and lived play-ground of wave fields. Radio wave emitting objects introduce to L empire des Signes (Roland Barthes,1970): Signifier (signifiant) and the signified (signifie) collapse in the world of desires and commodities.

//Game-story: Objects of Desire. An Urban tagging game.


//Pata-Situationist city-walk

(Radio Frequency Identification). The play-map constitutes of real names of Wireless Access Points, found during a WIFI-Sniff through a city like Gijon. Names of actual urban WIFI zones are tagged like street-names in the exhibition space. Also aether waves with the same subjective names are superimposed on the arts space, as play ground.

Players start a Dérive from a LS (Ludic Society) aether wave store (inside the exhibition). In exchange for subjective preciosities players acquire a SM LS-Geraet game console out of a vitrine.

As contemporary art- and Wunderkammer object, these game console antennas made of artisan Printed Circuit Board material unveil electronically tagged objects as dices of an omnipresent game.


//Ludic RFID Reader Shapes- slotmachines

All Ludic extensions of SM (standard model) game consoles are conceptually connected to the LS ideas of a PCB - 'Pata Circuit Boards - which stands for Imaginary Machines and Devices of Wonder (read more in issue#1 and issue#5 of LS magazine and about the new bachelor machines 2005.

Each shape corresponds to a different conceptual starting point. The little tree refreshes the EM (electromagnetic) aether, as introduced by the Urban Tagging Game in Pl(a)ymouth, 2007. The "Blitz" refers to the notion of BlitzPlay (Urban Guerilla Street Play Tactics - TAZ), as introduced in Nov 2007 in Bergen, Norway. Blitz Play Bergen. The circular shaped PCB is a sequel of Duchamps rotorelief, which resulted in a LudicWheel, a living machine, built for play in the reality engine; As a sort of Wunschmaschine.

They are self-built and designed in the LSCV (Ludic Society Chapter Vienna).



(ideas draft 17.12.07) STORY OF OBSESSION by objects (A FETISH PLAYGORUND) the visitors=players=humans in general are controlled by the world of objects. OBJECTS express their own desires- of the location where they want to be - their NATURAL BORN HOME.

THE NDS - is the COMPASS through an WIFI architecture, an architecture of WIFI clouds named after REAL WIFI clouds in Gijon. The signal reacts to the artificial WIFI clouds set up - the desire of the object also will change after a certain time - and number of usage.

the whole play in the exhibiton is a DETOURNEMENT - a term introduced by the Situationists, as a practice of the society of the spectacle. The DETOURNEMENT turns situations around, inverts given conditions and situations into the opposite. In the Objects of Desire game, the world of Spimes, Blogjects and Smartifacts, the internet of things is turned perversely around (ludic;)

The individual is guided by the desires of an object.

Play-boxes tagged with RFID antennas (VISIBLE AS DECORATIVE ELEMENT) generate commandos for players. If read with the firmware flashed and circuit bent Nintendo DS game Console reader, the object tells where it wants to be (acoustically) ...a SINUS WAVE sound indicates where to go - or when the objects NATURAL BORN HOME is near.

Applied metaphor:

Audio sinus waves, WIFI waves and RFID waves define the exhibitions architecture!!!

Immaterial objects are normally gained in the productive city. In the LUDENS_SHOW the objects express their desires. This happens via a NDS homebrew software - as guide through the show. The NDS is easy to carry in one hand and serves as "navigation tool" through an artifical city.

In the exhbition the wave Lan architecture is "re-modeled" after actual Gijon. This means that artificial WIFI access points are installed throughout the exhibition. Finally an inverse surveillance of players is established as epistemic merit of the game.


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// who is who

The Ludic Society constitutes as association of about 52 internationally avowed members to provoke Ludics as emerging discipline. The affiliations periodical appears in print on topics around play and culture. As malpractice in theory Ludic Society develops new bachelor machines, heralded by useless Printed Circuit Board objects 2005, accomplished by Wunderbäumchen aether refreshers 2006. Subcutaneous RFID bijoux implants in an English gallery followed. City walks and war drives were guided by home brew electromagnetic wave detecting toys, performed as street concerts. Ls urban games apply Kaballa rules on RFID numbers combined with Geographical positioning Systems, to make online maps lie! Futility is resistance!